Business trip or an extended holiday where you want to take minimal clothing but have the best variety of outfits & pictures?

Packing for an important business trip or a holiday abroad can be stressful! You could spend hours trawling through your wardrobe and end up taking a huge amount of clothing that you don’t end up wearing.  OR you could hire us to come and do that for you.

We find out from you where you are going and what sort of outfits you need. We then find the outfits, carefully selecting pieces so they can be worn as different combinations. We choose clothing, shoes and accessories.

We get you to photograph the combos we put together and not only do you have efficient packing, you have all the outfit combinations at your fingertips on your phone. You just need to wake up each day and look through your phone to decide what you are going to wear! Easy peesey.

Cost:  Wellington $225 for 1.5 hours – Auckland $289 for 1.5 hrs

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Experienced Personal Stylists based in Auckland and Wellington.

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