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Helping men find the right wardrobe

The way we approach a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with our male clients seems to suit their style of thinking. This is a very no-nonsense and practical experience. It is a solution to a problem.

Most men do not like to shop for clothes on a regular basis. If we look in the wardrobe, we find sizes, variety of clothing to see you through all social and work occasions, and putting together casual smart looks can often be a problem.

Once we have established which colours suit you, discussed what shapes and lengths work, we look through your wardrobe and make a list of what you need.

Armed with this list of things we need to buy to fill in the gaps of your wardrobe, we head off to the shops. Our male clients find our way of shopping in bulk for each season very time and money efficient and often continue to book seasonal shops. We specialise in helping men find that ‘casual dressy’ wardrobe that seems to be prevalent in today’s working environment.

Quotes from some previous male clients.

“The consultation has completely changed the way I view clothes regarding the colour, styles, cut and fit that suits me and enhances my appearance. Once my eyes were opened to it, I immediately became aware of the way some colours completely drained my skin colour. The need to wear fitting clothes, whilst that sounds obvious, wasn’t! I feel so much better in fitted clothes and have gained more confidence to wear clothes that I would never have considered in the past. The biggest benefit is that I feel I look much better, for myself and how others view me and it is now obvious that I care about my appearance.”
Andrew, businessman, Ngaio

“It’s great knowing that what I am wearing looks right to others. I know that others’ opinion of you is at least in part based on how you look. First impressions count etc….It was a very relaxing experience and nice to know that at the end I would have some personal practical advice that would work for me. I haven’t been out shopping since the consultations, but when I do I will note all the comments Trudi made.”
Chris, Scientist, Karori

“I found Trudi’s service very comprehensive. The initial consultation was a great chance to reflect on what my wardrobe consisted of, did not have and how to improve it. Trudi’s advice on colours that best suited me was invaluable – as I really had no idea! When shopping, Trudi listened to what I wanted and had some great suggestions. Her relaxed attitude made the whole experience enjoyable and non-threatening, while still challenging some of my own preconceptions about cloths and colour. I also went into a number of shops I previously would not have considered.”
Steve, Business Owner, Haitaitai

“This experience has helped me to branch out into types and colours of clothes I wouldn’t have tried before. I can now recognise what clothes in the shop would look good on me and that I should try them on! I never realised there was such a common theme running through my wardrobe. I felt I had nothing to wear, but now I have a good variety of clothes and I’m more confident about buying new things.”
John, IT Consultant, Johnsonville

“The main benefit to come out of my wardrobe and shopping consultation with Trudi was learning which colours best suit me and understanding my size. It has also definitely changed the way I view matching colours together and in the future I shall be more confident choosing brighter colours that suit me.”
Mark, Architect, Kelburn

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